Thesis on bank profitability

Increasing bank size can increase profitability by allowing banks to realize economies of scale. Both studies usually expressed bank profitability, as a function of internal and external determinants. Related to this the researcher conclude that a high volume of loans alone is not a guarantee for high interest income.

Due to this most resaercher prefer market structure theoreis rather than the traditional theory to analyze the profitability of the industry in term of industry structure.

That is, the more cash a commercial bank has the greater is its capacity to make profits. They founded that capital adequacy has positive and significant effect on profitability. However, bank size, expense management and credit risk affect the commercial banks profitability significantly and negatively.

The study examined a negative and strongly significant impact of credit risk on Ethiopian commercial banks profitability.

The relationship between bank size and profitability

It was pleasant and inspiring experience for me to work under his guidance. I am also grateful, to NBE change management directors and bank supervision department staffs, for their assistance by giving twelve year audited financial reports.

Because loans are among the highest yielding assets a bank can add to its balance sheet, and they provide the largest portion of operating revenue. It is sometimes mention as Capital structure by great deal of literatures.

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Banks largely depend on competitive marketing strategy that determines their success and growth. Because of this, the current researcher was included these non-financial variables and other financial determinants in addition to the previous study with additional qualitative information.

Determinant of Bank Profitability

If the borrowers default, then the interest income will not earn and this will certainly affect the profitability of the bank adversely. Chapter four also provide the interpretation and analysis of econometric model outcomes. Indeed what makes the profit deteminants debate exciting is the determinants of profit 3 is dynamic through time to time and differ with the nature of operating of the firm from place to place Flamini et al.

Studies, such as those by Smirlock and Berger and Hannaninvestigated the profit-structure 15 elationship in banking, providing tests of the RMP hypotheses. Among these determinants the most commenly known variables are employee efficiency and productivity and management quality Athanasoglou et al.

The asset quality of the loan portfolio used as proxy for credit risk, measured by the ratio of loan loss provisions over total loans and advances. In 26 this respect, in extending loans, banks should properly manage such risks.

Firms with better performance are better able to resist negative shocks and contribute to the stability of the financial system Athanasoglou et al. One of the principal activities of commercial banks is to grant loans to borrowers.

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Smirlock posited that there is no relationship between concentration and profitability but between profitability and market share.

Determinant of Bank Profitability

A special case of the SCP hypothesis is the Relative-Market-Power RMP hypothesis, which suggests that only firms with large market shares and well-differentiated products are able to exercise market power and earn non-competitive profits Berger. The Determinants of Bank Profitability Through The Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from Slovakia and Poland Using Bankscope data, this thesis seeks to analyze the determinants of commercial bank profitability in Poland and Slovakia during and shed light on whether profitability was impacted differently during the financial.

Conventional Banking Firms in terms of Profitability, Alimshan Faizulayev Submitted to the I certify that this thesis satisfies the requirements as a thesis for the degree of Master of Science in Banking and Finance.

_____ Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salih Katırcıoğlu. The estimation results show that profitability persists in some extent, implies that the indicator of the existance of relatively fairly competitive market in Ethiopian commercial banking environment, especially competition between private banks.

Regarging the explanatory variables, all bank-specific determinants, with the exception of bank size, expense management and credit risk, affect bank.

Abstract This thesis bundles four empirical studies and focuses on the role of bank competition and financial inclusion bank performanceon –profitability, stability and. Determinants of Profitability Performance: An Analysis of deposits per bank, credit to total assets, proportion of priority sector advances and interest income loss were the significant determinants of profits and profitability of Indian.

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Thesis on bank profitability
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